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I search in Oslo and surrounding a WG50+

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I'm W 53 years old, early retiree and financially independent. I'm looking for a shared room
(WG-room) in Oslo or the surrounding area.
Woman's -WG would be great, but is not a must ...

Existing sympathy and similar views as well as a proper housekeeping but are prerequisites for a harmonious living together under one roof.

For a few weeks I learn about "Babel" online Norwegian. My daughter was in Norway / Halden last year for a semester and that was a good opportunity to start with learning Norwegian, becouse she think to do her Masters in Norway in the year of 2020.
Besides, since the semester she has had a Norwegian friend. I have had a desire to get to know Norway better for years, because I can well imagine living in a Scandinavian country like Norway or Sweden, as I am not a friend of extreme heat. I like to be in the nature and very much on, in or on the water, no matter if forest lake, river or sea. I have my own kayak with which I like to travel on rivers and lakes. I like to go swimming and ride my bike a lot.
I would also be happy about a skiing-cross-country partner, which like to bring me, closer to this sport.

I love animals (dogs, cats, horses +++) especially wild animals / birds of prey and I have cats (10 and 4), but also had dogs in the past. If the offer of good classical concerts is available, I like to go to (instrumental) classical concerts and listen to good music. The music of the bagpiper has always fascinated me with its extraordinary bagpipe sounds ...

I would be very happy to find a suitable WG and look forward to your emails ...

Best wishes from Northern Germany
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